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I Worked As a Home Health Aide and Did Very Well

12 July, 2012 (01:30) | Uncategorized | By: admin

I credit my experience as a home health aide in helping me to get grounded in the fundamentals of math, science and other health related technologies I needed to know to expand my career in the health industry. I started out with minimal training and would go into homes to assess and report on a patient’s condition while offering assistive help in the tasks of daily living. I would do everything from helping with personal hygiene to making lunch.

I always tried to do a little extra. To some, the elderly seem demanding. I just saw people in need with no one to really help them. I understood when an elderly woman that could have been my grandmother would ask me to do a chore not specific to my job title. I will fondly remember those days as a home health worker no matter how far I go in medicine.

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