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Tutoring for a Nine Year Old Home Student

7 September, 2012 (00:30) | Uncategorized | By: admin

We decided long ago that it would be better for us to home school Jack Jr and his sister Marcy. Marcy is still only six, but she can read at a third grade level and is quite proficient in arithmetic, geography and basic science. He brother is nine years old and shall be ten in about six weeks. Already he is learning differential calculus, although we are not responsible. He simply decided that he could not be an astronaut if he did not learn to do calculus. I guess we need online tutoring from someone who is good with kids, because Jack Jr is still a kid and he can be a handful. He is quite serious about becoming an astronaut and then going to Mars, which of course will probably require a lot of math and a lot of science.

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